Famous Indian Food In The World

Famous Indian Food In The World

Indian cuisine is renowned around the globe for its rich flavors, aromatic spices, and diverse range of dishes. From mouth-watering curries to delectable street food, Indian food has won the hearts of foodies worldwide. If you’re a food lover, then you must try out Indian food at least once in your lifetime. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the famous Indian food in the world that you should definitely try.

🍛 The Famous Indian Curries

When we talk about Indian food, the first thing that comes to mind is the flavorful curries. Curries are the heart and soul of Indian cuisine, and they come in a variety of types and flavors. From creamy butter chicken to spicy vindaloo, Indian curries are a must-try for every foodie. The following are some famous Indian curries that you should not miss.

Butter Chicken Curry

The creamy and velvety texture of butter chicken curry makes it one of the most popular Indian curries across the world. The juicy chicken pieces are cooked in a thick tomato-based gravy, infused with exotic spices, and finished with a dollop of butter. It is best served with naan bread or steamed rice.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Another popular Indian curry is chicken tikka masala, which is a perfect blend of spices and flavors. The succulent pieces of chicken are marinated in a yogurt-based sauce, skewered, and grilled until tender. Then, they are cooked in a creamy tomato-based gravy, spiced up with garam masala and finished with a touch of cream.

Vindaloo Curry

For those who love spicy food, vindaloo curry is a must-try. It is a fiery-hot curry that originated in Goa, a coastal state in India. The dish is made by marinating meat (usually pork or lamb) in a tangy vinegar-based sauce with garlic and ginger. Then, it is cooked with aromatic spices, such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Vindaloo is best served with steamed rice or bread.

🍢 Famous Indian Street Foods

Indian street food is an integral part of the country’s food culture. The flavorsome and affordable street food is a must-try for anyone visiting India. The following are some famous Indian street foods you should try out.

Pani Puri

Pani puri is a popular street food snack that is loved by people of all ages. It is a crispy round hollow puri filled with a spicy, tangy, and sweet mixture of mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and tamarind chutney. The puri is then dipped into a mint-flavored water (pani) and popped into the mouth in one go. It is a perfect blend of textures and flavors.

Vada Pav

Vada pav is a favorite street food of Mumbai, also known as the city of dreams. It is a simple yet delicious dish that consists of a potato fritter (vada) sandwiched between a soft bun (pav) and served with a tangy garlic and mint chutney. It is a must-try street food for anyone visiting Mumbai.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a popular North Indian dish that is enjoyed by people across the country. It is made with spicy chickpeas curry (chole) served with fluffy deep-fried bread (bhature). The dish is served with a side of onion, lemon, and pickle. It is a hearty and satisfying meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

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🍲 The Famous Indian Biryanis

Biryani is a rice-based dish that originated in India and is now popular across the world. It is a flavorful dish made with a combination of spices, meat or vegetables, and long-grain rice. The following are some famous Indian biryanis that you should try.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is a famous biryani from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. It is a blend of aromatic spices, fragrant basmati rice, and juicy pieces of chicken, lamb, or beef. The dish is cooked in a traditional ‘dum’ style, where the meat is slow-cooked with rice and spices in a sealed pot. It is a heavenly dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi biryani is a popular biryani from the northern Indian city of Lucknow. It is a delicate and aromatic dish made with fragrant basmati rice, saffron, and tender pieces of meat (usually chicken or mutton). The biryani is layered with caramelized onions, herbs, and spices, giving it a distinctive and rich flavor.

Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata biryani is a unique biryani that originated in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata. It is a spicy and flavorful dish made with aromatic basmati rice, juicy pieces of meat (usually chicken or mutton), and boiled eggs. The dish is flavored with a blend of spices, such as cumin, cardamom, and cinnamon, and is garnished with caramelized onions and raisins.

🍨 The Famous Indian Desserts

Indian desserts are a perfect end to any meal. They are sweet, rich, and full of flavors. The following are some famous Indian desserts that you should try.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian dessert made with milk solids (khoya) and soaked in a sweet syrup flavored with cardamom. The dough is shaped into small balls and deep-fried till golden brown. It is then soaked in a sugary syrup and served warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a mouth-watering Indian dessert made with soft and spongy cheese balls (chenna) soaked in a sweet and creamy milk syrup, flavored with saffron and cardamom. The dish is garnished with chopped pistachios and almonds, giving it a crunchy texture.

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Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream made with condensed milk, sugar, and flavored with saffron, cardamom, and nuts. It is a rich and creamy dessert that comes in a variety of flavors, such as mango, pistachio, and rose.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Indian food so special?

Indian food is special because of its unique blend of flavors, spices, and herbs that create a symphony of taste in your mouth. Indian cuisine has a diverse range of dishes, from spicy curries to sweet desserts, which makes it an exciting and flavorful experience.

2. Is Indian food too spicy?

Indian food is known for its spicy flavors, but not all dishes are spicy. Most Indian dishes can be customized to suit your taste buds, and you can always ask the chef to make it less spicy.

3. What are some famous Indian vegetarian dishes?

Indian cuisine offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, such as chana masala, aloo gobi, paneer tikka, and dal makhani. These dishes are made with a variety of vegetables, spices, and lentils, making them flavorful and healthy.

4. What are some famous Indian snacks?

Indian snacks are a popular street food and include samosas, pakoras, and chaat. These snacks are made with a variety of ingredients, such as potatoes, chickpeas, and lentils, and are flavored with a blend of spices and herbs.

5. What is the best way to eat Indian food?

The best way to eat Indian food is with your hands. Traditionally, Indian food is eaten with your fingers, as it allows you to savor the flavors and textures of the food. However, if you are uncomfortable eating with your hands, you can always use a fork and spoon.

6. What are some famous Indian drinks?

Indian drinks include chai tea, lassi, and masala tea. Chai tea is a spiced tea made with milk, sugar, and a blend of spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. Lassi is a yogurt-based drink that comes in a variety of flavors, such as mango and rose. Masala tea is a spiced tea made with milk, sugar, and a blend of spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

7. What is the best time to eat Indian food?

Indian food is best enjoyed during lunch or dinner. Most Indian restaurants serve lunch buffets that offer a variety of dishes, perfect for trying out different flavors. Dinner is also a great time to enjoy Indian food, as it is a hearty and satisfying meal.

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