Best Asian Food In Flushing NY

Discover the Best Asian Food in Flushing NY

A Culinary Journey Through Flushing

Flushing, New York is known for its vibrant Chinatown, where you can find some of the best Asian food in the city. With a diverse selection of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese cuisine, Flushing is a foodie’s paradise. In this article, we’ll guide you through the top Asian restaurants in Flushing, so you can experience the best flavors the area has to offer.

The Best Asian Food in Flushing: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re in the mood for dim sum, ramen, or even some bubble tea, Flushing has it all. Here are some of the top spots to grab a bite.

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1. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao


If you’re looking for the best soup dumplings in Flushing, look no further than Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. These delicate little parcels are filled with piping hot broth and savory meat, making them a must-try for anyone visiting the area. Be prepared to wait in line, though – this place is popular for a reason.

2. Hot Pot


Hot pot is a communal dining experience that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. At this Flushing hotspot, you’ll get your own personal pot of boiling broth, which you can fill with all sorts of veggies, meats, and seafood. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold day.

3. Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao


This cozy restaurant specializes in Shanghai-style cuisine, but it’s their soup dumplings that really steal the show. Take a bite into one of these little guys and you’ll be rewarded with a burst of steamy broth and tender pork.

4. Keki Modern Cakes


After all that savory food, you might be craving something sweet. Head over to Keki Modern Cakes for their signature Japanese cheesecake. This light and fluffy dessert is the perfect end to any meal.

5. Hahm Ji Bach


Korean fried chicken is a must-try when you’re in Flushing, and Hahm Ji Bach is the place to go. Their crispy, spicy chicken wings are addictive, and their bibimbap and other Korean dishes are also worth a try.

6. Golden Shopping Mall


If you’re looking for a more casual dining experience, head over to the Golden Shopping Mall. This food court is home to some of the best noodle shops in Flushing, serving up everything from hand-pulled noodles to spicy Sichuan dan dan noodles.

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7. New Flushing Bakery


This Taiwanese bakery is a local favorite, serving up all sorts of pastries and breads. Their fluffy pork buns and flaky egg tarts are especially popular.

8. Tofu House


Don’t miss out on the tofu stew at Tofu House. This Korean restaurant serves up piping hot bowls of tofu simmered in spicy broth, along with banchan (traditional Korean side dishes). It’s the perfect comfort food.

9. Joe’s Steam Rice Roll


This tiny restaurant is known for their rice rolls, which are made by steaming rice batter until it becomes a soft, silky sheet. Then, they add fillings like shrimp or beef and roll it up into a tasty snack.

10. Flushing Food Court


The Flushing Food Court is a one-stop-shop for all your Asian food cravings. With dozens of vendors serving everything from Taiwanese beef noodle soup to Korean BBQ, you could spend hours wandering around here.

11. Katsu-Hama


This Japanese restaurant is known for their crispy pork cutlets, which are served with rice and miso soup. It’s a simple dish, but it’s done to perfection here.

12. Corner 28


Corner 28 is famous for their Peking duck, which is roasted until it’s perfectly crisp and served with thin pancakes and scallions. It’s a must-try when you’re in Flushing.

13. Tiger Sugar


Bubble tea is always a good idea, and Tiger Sugar does it right. Their signature drink is a creamy brown sugar milk tea, which is topped with a layer of fluffy cream. It’s as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the most popular Asian cuisine in Flushing?

A1: Chinese cuisine is the most popular in Flushing, followed by Korean and Japanese cuisine.

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Q2: Are there vegetarian options in Flushing’s Asian restaurants?

A2: Yes, many Asian restaurants in Flushing offer vegetarian options. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the restaurant before ordering.

Q3: Are Asian restaurants in Flushing expensive?

A3: Prices can vary depending on the restaurant, but many Asian restaurants in Flushing offer affordable options.

Q4: What is the best time to visit Flushing’s Asian restaurants?

A4: Flushing’s Asian restaurants can get crowded, so it’s best to visit during non-peak hours if possible. Lunchtime on weekdays is usually a good bet.

Q5: Are there any Asian restaurants in Flushing that offer delivery?

A5: Yes, many Asian restaurants in Flushing offer delivery through apps like Grubhub and Seamless.

Q6: What is the best way to get to Flushing?

A6: Flushing is easily accessible by subway (the 7 train) or bus. If you’re driving, be aware that parking in the area can be tricky.

Q7: What should I wear to Flushing’s Asian restaurants?

A7: Dress code varies depending on the restaurant, but many Asian restaurants in Flushing are casual. Comfortable shoes are a must if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking.

Q8: Do I need to tip at Asian restaurants in Flushing?

A8: It’s always a good idea to tip your server, especially if you received good service. The standard tip is 15-20%.

Q9: Are Asian restaurants in Flushing kid-friendly?

A9: Yes, many Asian restaurants in Flushing are kid-friendly. However, some may not have high chairs or other kid-friendly amenities, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead and check.

Q10: Can I make reservations at Asian restaurants in Flushing?

A10: It depends on the restaurant. Some Asian restaurants in Flushing take reservations, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q11: What is the best time of year to visit Flushing for food?

A11: Flushing’s food scene is great year-round, but you may want to avoid visiting during major holidays or events when the area can get especially crowded.

Q12: Are there any food tours of Flushing?

A12: Yes, there are several food tours of Flushing that will take you to some of the best Asian restaurants in the area.

Q13: What is the best way to experience Flushing’s Asian food scene?

A13: The best way to experience Flushing’s Asian food scene is to explore on foot and try as many different dishes as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from locals or restaurant staff – they may have some hidden gems to share.


Flushing’s Asian food scene is a true culinary adventure, with something to suit every taste and budget. From soup dumplings to Korean fried chicken, there’s no shortage of delicious food to try. So why not plan a visit and experience it for yourself?

Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a fun day out, Flushing won’t disappoint. And with so many different restaurants and cuisines to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favorite dish.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Flushing’s food scene today!